Изо, что ты так безобразно ищешь?
masterclass with Milos Forman

S: But yet it seems like, you know, at that moment there's something, there's an ambiguity that you can create with the camera.
F: Well, that was the reason, because I didn't want to give a specific answer because that would somehow . . . It's interesting, when you are lucky and do something right you will be surprised how many interpretations you are not at all aware of, that people read in it. It's just—like after Cuckoo's Nest, I got a letter like 12-pages letter from a priest explaining me that I filmed the Bible, that everything in the film has some reference to things in the Bible. So I said, "Well, that's great." I'm not going to tell you, "No, I was not aware of that."

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